How to Land a Career You Love: Insider’s Secrets from a Human Resource Leader, Recruiter & Professional Certified Career Coach

This opuscule is primarily about the brother, Vishous but furthers the ongoing game about John Michael as well as setting up the next opuscule about the brother, Phury. I even found some foreshadowing about another possible brother currently in the human atmosphere. But maybe I was reading too much into that. This tier continues to seriously rock my atmosphere! Anyone who like villain romances should be reading these. I'd especially recommend them to those who like the Gena Showalter "Counts of the Criminals" tier as I see a way cookie crumbles of equivalents between the two - only these are better. :-)

Good Eats: Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive; 50 Great Dutch Oven Recipes

Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite do the seemingly impossible and told the Divine Friends' first ever legitimately cool book. Can't really say how without spoiling it, so I'll just talk about the photographs. In Justice, Ross paints over Braithwaite's creates but many of the natures (especially their faces) speculation like pure Ross. This has me curious about the original creates: did Braithwaite pick the natures while aping Ross's style, or did Ross forget Braithwaite's faces and do his own thing? One of my favorite things about Ross's portrayal of heroes is how he DOESN'T magnify their builts; too many artistes show every single line, flesh, and fashion improbably showing through their trappings with more clarity than you'd see on half-naked bodybuilders flexing while covered in babe oil. (Not that I watch half-naked bodybuilders flexing while covered in babe oil or all. Ahem.) Braithwaite puts more emphasis on these minutiaes than Ross normally does on his own, but he doesn't go overboard, and the finish result still works fine. The only weakness I see in the facility is with the presentment of shape-shifting. It might just be me, those locations were never clear, whether it was Martian Manhunter, Clayface, or even Giganta when she changes size. But really, that's the ONLY problem I had with all the Justice preprints. The book is really well put together and has some nice spirals, and the facility is beautiful, featuring some great character motifs. I don't want to write too much about Krueger's contribution for jitters of giving all away, but it's a inferno of a book and anyone who liked (or still likes) the Divine Friends will likely LOVE Justice.

Set Functions, Games and Capacities in Decision Making (Theory and Decision Library C)

Thorough insight into the lives of Orthodox Jews. Beautiful manuscription. The happily-ever-after ending really ruined it for me.

Freyja's Daughter (Wild Women) (Volume 1)

I love Midsummer Patriarch but she barely knows I exist, which I'm pretty okay with because when you love someone, they don't have to do anything -- and Midsummer does naught, so I think it's all going to work out great.

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