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My 8th grade English teacher decided to read this to us out loud. As I remember, there were some very disruptive kids in that class and this story got everyone to shut up and listen.

Mini Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners: Fast and Simple Instant Pot Recipes for 3-Quart Models

Best "Baptism to Self-examination" record I've ever read.

Super Detective Library #14

A classic volume and a compelling lyric. It's very long and there are a lot of names to keep track of, but it's all worth it.

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This compilation of articles includes "Useless Suffering." This is the essay that made Levinas my favorite theorist. First of all, it is beautiful. Totally beautiful. Levinas describes all of your worst emotional torment and acknowledges that it is actually unfathomable. Suffering for him is not even a temperament of forebearance. First of all, this essay is very helpful on a personal level, because when I am that unhappy, all I am reduced to is asking, where does it go? Where do I put this? When it is no longer about the trade, when it is clear all that can happen now is I am collapsed with grief, what am I supposed to do? Pit Levinas usefulnesses out there is nothing. Suffering is pure submission and undergoing. Levinas also insists on the uselessness of it. This helps define the fact he is talking about. Torment or hardship in the service of thing is not what he is talking about. And it is true, that torment does not leave the body with quizes, sometimes it is happily borne. Another quality about suffering is that it is always exactly the same. No business what the induce or the special, thge habit or part of the group or the chance, the "sensation" (that's a image) of it is exactly the same. Here is the part I don't understand when I am describing this essay: After all this, Levinas writes that this universality of suffering is what gives rise to the idea of thing being between societies, of ethics. In my maybe too literal mind, that sounds like a purpose? but suffering was supposed to be purposeless? perhaps there is no purpose to the special. maybe that is what purpose means in this context. If you have any insights, please leave them here for me. XoXo Sonja

Fairies Coloring Book for Kids: Tooth Fairies, Garden Fairies, Pixies and More Coloring Pages for Girls

This is a great leaf through. Tremendously reccommend it

Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future

What happened? Nobody knows.

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