Khách Sạn Tây Đô at tp. Pleiku

Hotels tp. Pleiku

298A Phạm Văn Đồng, Pleiku, VN,

+84 59 3825 533

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Comfortable hotel Khách Sạn Tây Đô has a convenient location in the city tp. Pleiku. Excellent road junction, parking, recreation area and comfortable rooms favorably distinguish this hotel among others. Prices in the hotel are set at an optimal level, which corresponds to the high quality of service and comfortable conditions in the rooms. Depending on preferences and service requirements, the hotel has standard, premium and deluxe rooms, so each guest will find a suitable option for himself. To contact the hotel and clarify the conditions of booking rooms and accommodation call the phone number +84 59 3825 533. The hotel administrator will provide you with comprehensive information regarding reservations, available rooms and payment terms. Call during business hours and book a room in advance so that the room is free by the date of your arrival. For more information, as well as exploring the hotel’s infrastructure, interior design of rooms and available recreation areas, visit the official website. The site provides photos of rooms, recreation areas, a restaurant, a detailed description of services, as well as information about staff. On the site you can find all the necessary information about the hotel and form your own idea of living conditions. You can also personally visit the hotel office. Khách Sạn Tây Đô at the address 298A Phạm Văn Đồng, Pleiku, VN,. Polite staff will answer all your questions and help you book the right room for the date you need. Visiting the office for booking is not necessary, but some customers appreciate personal communication and prefer to make a visit to the company's office in order to receive maximum attention and appreciate the work of the hotel administration staff. Hotel Khách Sạn Tây Đô It offers comfortable guest rooms and first-class service. For the convenience of customers, the hotel has a wide choice of services that will make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The hotel is equally convenient for tourists, as well as for visitors who travel with the purpose of business negotiations. At the hotel you can exchange money, arrange the required amount on credit, as well as get additional advice with regards to finance and credit system. Restaurants, bars, pools and SPA-centers will help to create the most comfortable environment for rest and work. Hotel Khách Sạn Tây Đô It provides high-quality service and is focused on guests with different needs. In the hotel, each guest can get the desired service and high-level service. Rooms for booking are available in a different price range from standard to luxury. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, an open recreation area, and it is also possible to quickly receive the necessary amount of money on credit or exchange currency. The hotel service is focused on customer satisfaction, so that each guest feels the maximum comfort, while retaining positive emotions and memories of the trip.

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