Artificial Intelligent Future Development Trend Prediction

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In first part, I shall explain how AI technology can be applied to space exploration missions and space tourism development. Will artificial intelligent space exploration bring long term economic , entertainment and technological benefits? What factors will apply (AI) technology to assist space tourism leisure development? How to apply (AI) technology to solve any challenges during space travelling boats fly to space to encounter sudden accident. This part concerns whether artificial intelligent technology can be used in future space development. Firstly, I shall explain how human can apply artificial intelligent technology to space development which aspects. Then, I shall indicate how scientists need to follow what steps in order to achieve (AI) space robotic technology can be used in space technology to develop more successful. In this part, I shall also explain what benefits or strengths that (AI) space robotic technology can bring to assist space development as well as what disadvantages or weaknesses if (AI) space robotic technology can not be used to assist space development. I shall conclude whether (AI) space robotic technology will be real one tool which can assist space development, when human chooses to adapt to work and live and space tourism entertainment activities with (AI) space robots together in our future (AI) space robotic technological societies. Second part, I shall explain how future (AI) technology can be applied to business and health service aspect. The research questions: Can AI grow productivity? If AI can grow productivity, how can it raise ? If productivity raised, can it raise economic development ? How will (AI) influence human job change? Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology is for the progress in critical areas, such as health, education, energy, economy inclusion, social welfare and the environment. Thus, it brings this question: Which (AI) workers be instead of traditional human workers in these different new markets? In recent years, machines had been used to be human's tasks in the performance of certain tasks related to intelligence , such as aspects of image recognition. Experts also forecast that rapid progress in the field of specialized artificial intelligence will continue. Then, it also brings this question: Does (AI) exceed that of human performance on more and more tasks? If it is truth, will some of human jobs to be disappeared? (AI) will be instead of human some simple jobs, then unemployment rate to the low skillful and low educated workers will be increased. Whether (AI) will be raised either production or performance or unemployment to bring human job market more advantages or more disadvantages? In my this book, I shall explain whether (AI) will bring benefits or disadvantages to change to future human job market. If one day, (AI) technology can be applied to any human job aspects. Whether human will face unemployment disadvantages or human won't face unemployment disadvantages. Whether (AI) technology will be applied to assist to future human job to raise productivities or economic growth to any societies or improve performance for any employers' benefits and workers' benefits. This book will have explanation to let readers to feel whether how future (AI) technological innovation will bring benefits or disadvantages to influence human's job market in future one day global job market influence. This part concerns to be given my opinions to explain whether artificial intelligent technology will impact our life and will influence economic development in the future, due to productivity raises.

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    • vivianepereira

    • Ombele, Congo

    • 2019-06-25 20:48

    utterly fabulous snapshots. would have preferred it to be organised chronologically rather than according to stars because adrian's trajectory as a designer might have been clearer later. but that's just a minor quibble. makes me wanna run out and take care of all the features all over again

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